Managed Services Provider

Managed IT services are increasingly sought after by startups and mid-sized companies seeking software development services and advanced cloud computing solutions from reputable providers. This trend underscores the cost benefits of IT outsourcing over the expenses associated with maintaining an in-house IT team. Outsourcing offers immediate access to extensive cloud computing knowledge, state-of-the-art cloud services, and technological innovations.

IT-Outsourcing.pro specializes in cloud consulting, with proficiency in AWS, GCP, and Azure. We craft, deploy, and manage systems featuring automated deployments, backups and restorations, load balancing, auto-scaling, as well as comprehensive logging and monitoring for cloud infrastructures.

Initially starting in remote network administration, our team's capabilities have significantly expanded over time. We have diversified our offerings to include a wide range of outsourcing services, evolving from web development and quality assurance to IT consulting and DevOps services.

In recent years, the team at IT-Outsourcing.pro has honed its expertise in two primary domains:
  1. DevOps Solutions: Our team delivers forefront DevOps services, encompassing IT infrastructure, network, and security audits, optimization of existing infrastructures, and cloud migration strategies. This includes transitions between cloud providers and from on-premises legacy systems to cloud environments. We specialize in setting up cloud-based monitoring, establishing CI/CD pipelines, and developing infrastructure through code among other services.
  2. Dedicated Teams for Project Management: We offer tailored team configurations to suit various project management approaches. Our scope ranges from providing individual IT specialists for specific needs, such as server support, to delivering comprehensive services for businesses. This includes front-end and back-end web development, Big Data solution design and implementation, quality assurance and automated testing, startup consulting, as well as MVP development and scaling.

Why IT-Outsourcing.pro

IT-Outsourcing.pro has established itself as a trusted provider of IT outsourcing services, continually growing stronger and crafting economical cloud technology solutions for our clients. This success is rooted in our extensive project management experience, honed across numerous successfully completed projects.

What we do

At the heart of our services, we offer comprehensive turn-key DevOps technology solutions that encompass:
  1. IT Infrastructure Audit and Assessment: Our approach begins with a thorough evaluation of the existing IT infrastructure, systems, tools, and workflows. Collaborating closely with business stakeholders and leveraging available documentation, we assess the organization and utilization of current resources, the tools in operation, and the execution of processes.
  2. Infrastructure Optimization: Our team at IT-Outsourcing.pro applies its extensive expertise to identify and address infrastructure bottlenecks and performance limitations. By reorganizing the infrastructure and addressing its weaknesses, we ensure that systems become more reliable, scalable, and manageable.
  3. Cloud Transition and Modular Infrastructure Development: We specialize in enhancing system performance and reliability through cloud migration and the creation of cloud-agnostic, modular infrastructures tailored for multi-cloud strategies. Whether starting from scratch on platforms like AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, VMWare, or Azure, or transitioning existing systems to the cloud, we cater to your project's unique needs.
  4. CI/CD Workflow Configuration: By setting up CI/CD pipelines, we aim for the maximum automation of routine tasks and to increase the predictability of the software delivery process. Automating daily operations such as backups and the configuration of testing environments allows your team to focus on adding value to your business and accelerating product or service delivery.
  5. Cloud Monitoring, Logging, and Alerting: With extensive experience in maintaining and monitoring complex cloud environments, IT-Outsourcing.pro efficiently implements solutions for real-time monitoring, alerting, periodic health checks, and detailed logs analysis to ensure optimal performance and security.

IT-Outsourcing.pro assists enterprises of all sizes in achieving their project objectives, reducing their IT operational costs, and maximizing the reliability of their software delivery processes.